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The firm Royal T.M. is created in 1992 with the aim to find place on the Bulgarian market, especially the production of ready to use powder mixtures for ice cream and cream.

The advantage of powder ice cream are that it doesnt need to be kept under special conditions, as only the necessary quantity is prepared. The ready mixture doesnt need to be homogenized and pasteurization before freezing, which lowers the production expenditures of our clients.

Compared with analogical products it doesnt need to be dissolve in milk for our products is necessary only cold water. But the quality of the ready mixture is still as good as analogical imported products and in view of the fact that the price of our products is lower the clients interest is obvious.

During the years the firm succeeded to win the confidence of its clients with the stable prices and with the high quality of the products which is a constant quantity.
The ice cream we offer is suitable as for the street machines for soft, as for the industrial fridge for hard ice cream.

The raw materials in our products came from the most prominent European producers, which a prerequisite and guarantee for high quality of our products.
All products of Royal T.M. OOD are produced in accordance with the Good

Production and Hygene Practices and the requirements of the System for analyses of the risks and the critical control points, based on the principles of NASSR and in accordance with ISO 22000:2005.


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